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Monday, October 18, 2010

Tonight Was A Happy Night!

Oh, the joys of the internet.
Tonight was a stellar night.
This is Lex.
And, well, me.

I know I didn't show it so well but OMG!
I was so incredibly happy!
I don't care what YOU call it..
I say it's love.

And if you know anything about me..
I'm so anti-love, it's hardly funny.

Anyways, I got to talk to him on MSN tonight.
I had to hold back tears and ignore the lump in my throat.
He didn't notice. Which is okay by me.

But when he says shit like this:

well, it's hardly a joke for me.
I about died from sheer happiness.
It's just not fair to me.
He says the sweetest things to me..
but has no intention of loving me.
I guess I'm just a magnet for heartbreak!


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